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May 28

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Binders are used to compress the chest, giving it a more streamline or flat look. They can be used by anyone for any reason. Most commonly, though, they are used by people that want to decrease their chest size. This can mean cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, or anyone else (transgender, non-binary, etc.)

Binders should only be worn for 6 hrs or less at one time. They really shouldn't be worn during exercise but only if the fit is not too tight would you be able to safely exercise for a short amount of time.

There are some side effects and risk factors from wearing binders, you can find them here.


Packers are any item, synthetic foam or other material, that can be stuffed in underwear to give the appearance and/or feel of a penis. They are meant to alleviate or eliminate bottom dysphoria, but this doesn't mean that it won't sometimes make it worse. In some cases (like mine) they are worn on and off depending on how you feel.  

Packers can be worn during exercise but some materials may be susceptible to ripping or tearing. 

Any material that directly touches your skin should be washed often, especially if it is latex or foam.

Packers can also be used for peeing standing up or even for play. These models are usually more expensive than the basic models though. 

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*It is important to note that the terminology used in this section does not reflect anyone's particular preferences. It is important to use terms and language that reflect people's identity *

Tucking is defined as ways of hiding, by "tucking", the penis and testicles. 

There are garments that can be worn to aid in the longevity and effectiveness of the tuck. Tape can also be used to hold the tuck in place and can be used along with underwear to hold the tuck in place.

Tucking should never be painful. If you experience pain at any point in your tuck, 

please stop and wait a couple minutes before starting again.